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Whether your company is moving just one department or undertaking a  complete business move to another location, GDL Interiors can  assist as an extension of your Facilities Team. Our dependable, friendly and  professional team will ensure that your office relocation is completed within the specified  timeframe to minimise your office downtime.


While every office relocation is distinctive, with specific needs and requirements, GDL Interiors objective is to accomplish each contract we undertake with speed, efficiency, care and with minimum disruption. At our initial meeting, the key elements of your planned relocation will be identified and discussed, as well as any problems you envisage. From this GDL Interiors will construct an operational schedule for you, detailing costs, timing and any specialist services that may be required. We always ensure that outside experts are called in to work alongside us if necessary.

The whole moving office process can be complex, stressful and time-consuming. After people costs, property costs are most company’s next biggest expenditure. The decisions you make will have an impact on your company’s profitability. Working with the right professional team is the single biggest must-do for any company thinking of moving office. GDL Interiors will guide you through the process, save you money in the long run and also make sure you don’t make any critical mistakes.

Moving business isn’t as straightforward as moving house – you need to ensure that your customer relationships aren’t affected, and that staff downtime is kept to a minimum. GDL Interiors can devise a relocation policy which will give the move structure and allocate responsibility to staff and movers.

How do you establish who is going to design your new work space? Thanks to modern-day home makeover programmes, we all fancy ourselves amateur interior designers. But while you might have excellent creative brainpower already on the payroll that could produce some outstanding ideas, unlike GDL Interiors they probably won’t think of things such as electrical capacity, health and safety and compliance with the Disability Act.

Let them work alongside office interiors professionals like GDL Interiors who will ensure that your move is by the book, hence avoiding any future headaches.

Space Planning

GDL Interiors believe a well planned office will help your business by increasing productivity and motivating your employees, creating cost savings and ensuring Health and Safety Compliance. By GDL Interiors working closely with you and understanding how your business operates, we can advise you on whether reorganising your existing premises or relocation would best suit your needs and budget. Whatever the best solution for your company is, GDL Interiors aim to create stimulating workspaces that are both flexible and cost effective.

  • Are you trying to cut costs? Sometimes you can save money by reorganizing the layout of your business. Make sure to compare costs carefully, and if it looks like a wise move, go for it.

  • Are you trying to enhance your image? If your business involves personal contact with customers, sometimes a “makeover” can help improve your company’s public image.

Office Decoration

Decorating an office space can be a delicate balancing act. We at GDL Interiors want your office space to be inviting and pleasant for both employees and visitors, while on the other hand remaining professional in look and feel.

Office Flooring

The look and feel of your place of business – whether a retail shop, corporate office or even leisure centre – can have a significant impact on the mood of your customers and clients and therefore the profitability and success of your business as well. Similarly, the aesthetic environment of an office can have a big influence on the productivity of staff.

We at GDL Interiors can provide the following types of flooring to enhance your premises, Contract broadloom carpet, Contract carpet tiles, Laminate, Stone, Ceramic tiles and Marble.

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