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Office Partitioning

Office partitioning is a cost-effective method of creating stylish and useful office space. It can be used to divide existing rooms and create brand new rooms from large open plan spaces. Areas can be sectioned off to minimise noise and lead to increased productivity of staff. Also private areas can be created for confidential business activities such as meetings and HR interviews.


The Benefits of Using Office Partitioning

  • Office partitioning is cost effective because it uses less tradesmen than traditional building methods.
  • It can be constructed rapidly, which means less downtime and inconvenience for the company.
  • Partitions are demountable and relocatable - which makes the construction adaptable to future change and growth of the business.

GDL Interiors offer a full range of office partitioning services.
These include:

Solid Partitions

There are two forms of solid partitioning - plasterboard panels or a composite panel. The plasterboard panels can either be single skin giving a 1/2 hour fire rating or double skin giving an hour rating. The composite panels are constructed from a 27mm honeycomb core faced either side with a skin of 9.5mm thick plasterboard. These panels are usually used in a demountable system.

Glazed Partitions

We currently use the Matrix which is a versatile non-load bearing relocatable partitioning system for internal use. The system is based on an aluminium framework 50mm (nominal) thick.

Glazed panels are constructed using various aluminium or plastic sections to create single and double glazed modules in a wide variety of elevations. Panels can be finished in vinyl, melamine and veneer or alternatively can be faced with steel. Aluminium sections are satin anodised or powder coated to any colour in the BS or RAL ranges.

Blinds can be incorporated within double glazed modules. Skirting may be of plastic or aluminium from 785mm to 150 mm in height.

Demountable Partitions

These can be taken down and re-erected in various locations within the office layout, provided that the ceiling height does not vary too much.

Demountable partitioning is favourable within offices due to the fact that it can be taken down and re-erected without too much fuss or disturbance within the workplace.

Demountable partitioning is not used when a fire rating is required.

Fire Rated Partitions

Fire rated partitioning is widely used within corridors, lift and staircase lobies and is specified by architects to comply with the legal requirements of a building.

Storage Wall Partitioning

The versatility of a storage wall unit can be maximised by using the storage cupboard system as parting walls within offices.

Operable Partitioning Walls

These are ideal systems for creating efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions for flexible space division. These are mainly used in conference and meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, schools and lecture halls.

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Glass partitioning is generally used to increase light and visibility within the office.

Soundproof Partitions

We would recommend solid plasterboard partitioning to block out sound.

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