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It's very important for every working environment to have the correct interior design to improve morale and productivity. Often the importance of office interior design is overlooked, however GDL Interiors Limited consider this extremely important as this could be the difference between success and failure.


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Offices are places where you spend a lot of your life, but many of them are unwelcoming, cold and unprofessional. If you have customers and other important people visiting your offices then it is very important that you design your office so that it gives these people a warm and friendly feeling and also makes them feel as if they are in the right place.

When designing your office GDL Interiors Limited are careful when choosing the theme, certain themes work very well for certain types of business, but would not be well suited to any other type. No matter whether you are changing your current office design or working with a blank canvass it is very important to try and get an overall view of how you want the office to look. We at GDL Interiors Limited apply all our office interior design expertise, to transform your office into a place that not only looks better, it works better. Soon, your workplace will be inspiring happier more productive staff; inspiring clients from the moment they step in; and ultimately, inspiring your whole business.


We at GDL Interiors Limited are well aware that appropriate workplace lighting is an essential component of an office environment since it can impact on comfort and performance. Thinking about workplace lighting will help improve the consistency and accuracy of your work. Since most modern office workers use computers, placement of lights to avoid screen glare is a critical factor. Shielded lamps without reflectors and indirect lighting are some of the best ways to prevent desk glare. GDL Interiors Limited confirm that the important factors to consider when designing office lighting are the placement of fixtures, the colour of the light, reflection, glare and shadows. Lighting can make a room seem smaller or larger, calming or agitating; it is important to consider the effects of each lighting decision since it will have an immediate and tangible effect on the environment.

Reception Area

When designing a reception area, the first thing GDL Interiors Limited keeps in mind is a focus point. When you enter a reception area, or any room for that matter there is a focal point that your eyes are drawn towards. This focal point is the key factor in planning your reception area. This area is by far one of the most important spaces to design properly, because this is where the first impression of your organization is made.

Meeting/Breakout Area’s

The working environment makes a major contribution to a company’s success and profitability, with this in mind GDL Interiors can offer space planning for, soft seating for the informal meeting spaces, corporate break-out areas, receptions, foyers, café and dining spaces.

Washroom Design

There are issues to bear in mind when pursuing commercial washroom design. We at GDL Interiors Limited being fully aware of all Legal Health & Safety rules can confirm that it is legally required that any new public building have at least one bathroom facility for the handicapped. Public washrooms must have minimum of one stall that is equipped for use by the handicapped. Commercial washroom design should include durability, functionality and good looks. In addition, it really is essential that a commercial washroom be easy to clean and maintain. The logistics of cleaning a commercial washroom should be as straightforward as possible. This means that all components should be washable.


Noise associated with computer use is rarely at a damaging level. However, noise should not interfere with communication or distract concentration. Irritation from low level noise is sometimes an early indication of stress, and is often caused by the perception that your interests are being ignored rather than by the noise itself. The potential for stress is further increased by the frequent interruptions often experienced by those who sit next to the equipment, e.g. when it breaks or needs more paper. Arrange to have noisy printers, scanners and photocopiers moved away from your desk. If they are particularly loud, GDL Interiors Limited can offer sound insulation cover or some screening. With this in mind furniture and partitioning should be considered when positioning staff.

How GDL Interiors Limited can help

GDL Interiors is a commercial interiors company who work closely with their clients to produce a complete interior design solution. Whether a small or large project or type of workspace - from office partitions through to complete commercial refurbishment or office fit out, we can help you to achieve the result you want, on time with minimal disruption.

We can create receptions, offices, conference rooms, management offices, breakout areas, meeting rooms, washrooms and interior office facilities, such as restaurant areas.

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