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GDL Interiors supply and install glass partitioning. We also offer glass manifestation - either in conjunction with the fitting of glass panels or as a standalone service.



Glass Manifestation

Any large expanse of unmarked glass can be a danger with the potential that people will not notice it. The Workplace Health & Safety Welfare Regulations (1992) require that glass be made apparent and failure to do so could result in a costly court action, should an accident occur.

There are approximately 52,000 accidents requiring hospital treatment and 9 fatalities per year in the UK involving fixed glass. Nearly 64% of these involve glass in doors and 29% involve window panes.

With the increasing use of glass partitioning in offices, manifestation applied to glass in the form of film, offers many benefits. Apart from the obvious legal health and safety aspect, manifestation can be used for decorative and aesthetic purposes, for enhancing privacy and for emphasising corporate identity.

There are a large number of design options available to you when considering what type of manifestation to use on your glass and many of them are not just functional but aesthetically pleasing too. You can opt for wavy lines, dots or squares, almost any design you require, you can even choose to display your company name or corporate logo, safe in the knowledge that in doing so, you are conforming to the regulations laid down by the Health and Safety executive in 1992.

The HSE has stipulated that “every window or glazed area in a wall, partition, door or gate shall be of safety material or be protected against breakage.” This means that it should not break on impact or if it does, it should break safely i.e. not shatter. All of our work is carried out in accordance with building regulations BS 6262 part 4, to prevent serious injury to persons through accidental collision with glazing at work.

Manifestation films are easily applied on site without removing the glass from partitioning modules, doors or windows. In the event that changes to colour or corporate identity are required, removal of the manifestation can be achieved through a simple chemical process.

GDL interiors are happy to carry out a free site visit to determine what the legal manifestation requirements would be for your workplace as well as discuss your design options. Once this has taken place we would be happy to supply you with a free no obligation quotation along with a proof of the proposed design for your approval.

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