Office Partitioning, Refurbishment
Space Planning and Decoration

Computer Aided Design

After determining your needs, we design an office layout to suit your requirements, whilst maximizing your space.

We use our years of experience to plan your space with efficiency and cost in mind.


Office Design Layout Using CAD

Once the initial drawing has been produced we can draft as many revisions as is necessary.

Space is one of an organization's most valuable resources, yet many pay little attention to how it supports business goals and objectives.

Allowing some degree of control in the office environment reduces the negative effects of organizational stress.

Proper ergonomics and a sense of comfort increase the employee's ability to concentrate.
The design of the workplace must foster information sharing.

The physical workplace environment is key in the decisions employees reach about accepting or leaving jobs.

An efficient office design is crucial to the running of an efficient company and our design service can transform the way your business runs. We are able to show you how your office would look if you were to alter the partitioning layout; giving you options for a more open plan environment, or perhaps an executive suite, or even flexible partitioning for meeting and training rooms. Our office design service looks at all aspects of your office, such as heating, lighting, power and data supply.

We are able to produce CAD plans of your existing office layout and use these to carry out our service. This can include several options showing how to make the most of your office with minimal expenditure, minimal disruption, maximum density, or even a complete office space planning overhaul. We are able to work with your existing furniture or recommend new and can help you with full colour space plans.

Whether you need to fit in extra desks, would like to use efficient space planning to minimise your use of office space, or would like a complete overhaul, we can help. We are able to incorporate new office environments and can use intelligent space planning to change the way your staff work (increasing communication, improving privacy for teams, and even improving efficiency and productivity).

When we are sure we have the right scheme we can produce a programme of works showing our proposals.

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