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Protect people and equipment from fire with fire rated partitions in London & Essex:

Fire rated partitions are used to protect people, equipment and records against fire. They are graded by the amount of time protection they offer, ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours.


Find some of the clients that have used us for fire rated partitions below:

  • Withers LLP
  • Homerton College
  • Digital Sports Group

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How it works:

Solid panels consist of a steel framework constructed from stud and track. External vertical joints between plasterboards are concealed with aluminium trim sections, which clip on to steel back fix sections.

Alternatively, gaps between plasterboard skins can be taped and jointed. Aluminium sections to suit joints at internal and external sections form part of the system. Skirtings may be plastic or aluminium from 75mm to 100mm in height.


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