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Glass partitions can be used as a temporary or permanent method of dividing your office space into multiple offices, for reducing noise levels, creating a room within a room and for privacy. They can also be used to add a decorative division to an open floor area and are the best way to allow natural light into the workplace from windows or fixtures maintaining an open airy working environment.

Glass partitions are an extremely cost effective way to divide rooms as they require little to no structural changes to your office.  They are very popular as they maintain the brightness and flow of an open floor plan and keep office cubicles from feeling claustrophobic.  With clever usage of natural light they can give the appearance of height and increased space therefore boosting morale and reducing lighting bills whilst creating a great working environment for your staff.

Glass partitions are one of the most efficient ways of using space, they creating divisions where necessary without taking up a lot of floor room. They are easily cleaned, very low maintenance and incredibly durable. It is important to establish what you wish to achieve with your glass partitioning i.e. whether you require it to be stationary, adaptable or completely movable should you wish to relocate in the future.
Our bespoke glass partitioning can be supplied in varying heights and thicknesses. Lobby areas within offices, factories and colleges often require unusual heights. Older buildings may require varying sizes due to their walls being not quite straight any more, whatever your situation we have the solution.

Another advantage of glass partition is the fact that you can apply manifestation in any design you wish. Your glass partitioning could, for example, sport your company logo or some signage giving your visitors directions. Virtually any form of pattern or design can be created to suit your requirements.

There are several options when it comes to choosing the glass for your partitions; you can choose from 

  • Clear glass - A great option for office enclosures or anywhere you need to keep an open look and feel to the area.
  • Frosted glass - Ideal for areas where a combination of natural light and privacy are required.
  • Sculpted glass - Usually reserved for public areas like foyers and receptions where image is all important.
  • Dark-tinted and stained glass - Allowing light to enter but visibility is reduced therefore offering more privacy,
  •  Laminated glass - Totally smooth on both sides and mainly used as a room or office divider or anywhere you are able to see both sides. It also provides the highest sound reduction.

There are three main forms of glass partitions,

  • Freestanding - Made of glass panes and either set into a wood, metal or plastic panel which is hinged for staggered positioning, allowing the partitions to stand on their own.  This type of partition is usually used to break up large spaces or to give a form of privacy as well as perhaps hiding a storage area etc.
  • Permanently mounted glass partitions which normally consist of a single pane of glass that is attached with brackets to a wall, ceiling, floor or built in furniture; these are perfect for increasing visual and sound privacy along with dividing up a large open plan area.
  • Sliding glass door partitions which are set into rails on the ceiling, floor and walls allowing each panel to slide back and forth. These can be moved manually to suit your needs. The panels can be closed for complete privacy, some panels can be left open as a doorway between areas or you can slide all the panels together to allow for free flow of movement and conversation.  

Doors which can be incorporated within the glass partitioning come in various finishes i.e. timber, veneer, glass, steel or laminate and can be fire rated where required.

We at GDL Interiors Ltd are here to help find the ideal solution to your glass partitioning requirements. We will attend a free of charge site visit to assess your needs and the available space, budget and time scales after which we will discuss all the options open to you. 

We will help you transfer your ideas into reality using our many years of experience to carry out the work as quickly and efficiently as possible whilst adhering to budgets, time scales, and all relevant health & safety regulations, alleviating you of all the worry and stress.

We will stay in constant touch with you from start to finish keeping you fully informed of our progress and taking away all the stress of ordering and overseeing works. We will attend to all the details including your electrical, plumbing, heating, lighting, flooring, ceilings, decoration and data storage requirements.

Our aim is for you ‘our client’ to be totally happy with the service and workmanship we provide whilst carrying out your partitioning. With over 35 years’ experience we can assure you of top quality workmanship backed by the use of first class products and a service that is second to none. This is why over 70% of our business is either repeat or comes via word of mouth recommendation.

Let us help you create the working environment you desire by completing our web enquiry form to arrange a free of charge site visit to discuss how we at GDL Interiors Ltd can assist you.

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